Hi again. Since my Wiki is so new I want to fill up on Oages. So I went online and asked people what item they wanted to know about and one that was commonly said was Glossy Wings. Sorry if I get some of the offers wrong. (I asked people what they would trade for them)

Pink Glossy Wings: Purple Short and Glitched Yeti

Brown/Black Glossy Wings: Short Pink and three regular Cupid Wings

Purple Glossy Wings:Yellow/Green Short and a good beta

White Glossy Wings: Rare Headdress and a diamond shop spike (I Had white glossy wings but I got rid of them not knowing how rare they were)

Green Glossy Wings: Three good betas and a Party Hat

Well, thats all I got for Glossy Wings. Thanks for stopping by!
  • White Glossy Wings
  • Black Glossy Wings
  • Pink Glossy Wings
  • Red Glossy Wings
  • Green Glossy Wings
  • Purple Glossy Wings
  • Brown Glossy Wings