Ello there. Silverstreak here. And today someone was asking what Heart Rings were worth. They are kinda all worth the same but some are worth a bit more or a bit less. So here are what the different Heart Rings are worth.

Orange: Kami Frog, Nature Arch, and add an Ok short

White: Yellow Sweets, a Party Hat, and a Mech Angle Helmet

Pink: Nature Arch, Good Short, and maybe add an Epic Plushie

Black: Beta Elf Tail, and two Long Wristbands

Green/Blue: Long Wristband and a black worn

Purple: Regular Artic Hood, Kami Frog, and add another beta

  • Orange Heart Ring
  • White Heart Ring
  • Black Heart Ring
  • Pink Heart Ring
  • Blue Heart Ring
  • Purple Heart Ring
  • Green Heart Ring