Hello! For my first entry I'm doing the common wanted item, Spiked Collars. Let's start with the rarer of the two kinds, Longs.

Black Long: Worth three long collars and two long wristbands

Blue/Red Long: Three shorts and two good den betas (I have a red long)

Purple Long: Two Long Collars and a good den beta

Yellow/Green Long: Two shorts and Two OK den betas

Orange Long: One short and two bad short wristbands

Pink Long: A good short and a beta

Ok now to go to the runner-up, Short Collars

Black Short: Two good long wristbands and a good beta

Red/Blue Short: Yellow Sweets or a Rhino Helmet, also add a rare non member glove if you have it

Yellow/Green Short: Long Wristband and beta Tan Carpet

Orange Short: Beta wall or floor and a good Monday Rare

Pink/Purple Short: Rare Claw and a Short Wristband (I have Rare Claw and a Short Wristband and I'm open for Purple Short ;D )
  • Black Short
  • Red Short
  • Yellow Short
  • Green Short
  • Orange Short
  • Pinkshort
  • Purple Short
  • Black Long
  • Red Long
  • Blue Long
  • Purple Long
  • Yellow Long
  • Green Long
  • Orange Long
  • Pink Long