Hello there! Silverstreak here. And I was wondering what Top Hats were worth so I asked a few people, did some research, all of that stuff, and got what I needed. So here is what Top Gats are worth.

Pink: Freedom wings, and Rare Bow

Brown and Pink: Pink hat and a good clothing beta

Black Stripe: Two Brown and Pink Top Hats and a Worn

Black: Worn and a good rare

Red: Red Non Member Sword and a Rare Bow

Blue Stripe: Worn and two den betas

Blue: Two worns and a beta

Brown: Short Wristband and three small betas

As you can see, Worns play a big role in Top Hat trading. The rare top hats or the Jammaholiday Top Hat is only worth a worn or a Regular Non Member bow

  • Black Top Hat
  • Brown and Pink Top Hat
  • Red Top Hat
  • Blue Stripe Top Hat
  • Black Stripe Top Hat
  • Brown Top Hat
  • Blue Top Hat
  • Pink Top Hat