Hello, I"m Silverstreak. I'm here to help with your rare and beta items in animal Jam. I can tell you the rarity of your items or how to get them. I'm always happy to help so just ask any questions you like. I don't know many codes or cheats so if that's what you were looking for, well, I got nothing for you. Though I'm happy to give tips or any helpful advice about Animal Jam. My user is Cutelittlecookie2005, if you want to know anything while seeing me in AJ, just buddy me and tell me through Jam-A-Gram that you saw my Wiki. I can also share tips to adventures and games. So, how my Wiki works is, you ask a question, I'll choose the most asked or the one that seems to stick out in most coversations in AJ and make a post about it. So, I hope to see you around. Feel free to ask anything. Bye for now!